Monday, November 28, 2011

Crystal Power Cell Updates: Day 3

No video today.  Not even going to post numbers.  But wanted to provide an update, nonetheless...

The cells have lost some amperage, but I expected as much with the research I've conducted. The crystals are still growing and developing and I can't expect an accurate read for at least a month.

However, I have this friend with an oscilloscope and a high-end multimeter that came over to take a look at these cells.  It was very interesting to look at the wave-form on a scope, which more closely resembled AC power than DC power, but with a wave-form with notches in it. I can't describe what that means.  It does oscillate at 60Hz though (standard wave-form for North America) although it is worth noting that the oscilloscope didn't show a smooth shape in the wave, like you would see on AC power coming out of a wall.

This friend offered me some very practical advice: make self-sustained devices as a small-scale and practical application of this technology.  I settled on the idea of making a wireless lamp using crystal cells as an eternal battery.a novel idea, but it would put cells to practical use and it would be really easy to wire.

After I acquire some more definitive data, you can expect to see some charts :)

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